• Cover:DANCING SCRAP – This Is Sexy Sonic Alternative Iron Punk ( Digital album)
    We’re five sticks of dynamite girl, we can blow a hole in the rock and we can bring the rest to you! Genre: indie/punk/hard rock Digital album October 2017 Catalog [...]
  • Cover:NEW DISORDER – Curtain Call (Single +  video)
    The video has been shooted while the band was performing at “Faine Misto Fest” on July 22nd 2017 and it’s a kind of video diary of that amazing adventure, featuring [...]
  • Cover:NEXUS – The Taint (CD)
    Haunting but catchy melodies and instrumental hooks accompanied by detuned guitars and a groove-heavy rhythm section. Genre:  industrial/gothic rock CD 9 tracks   September (Italy), October (worldwide) Catalog number:  AR-046 [...]
  • Cover:NEXUS – Solitude (Single + video)
    Solitude – the first claustrophobic dark rock driven single off of Nexus’s debut album “The Taint” Genre: industrial/gothic rock Single September 2017 Catalog number: AR-045
  • Cover:SVIET MARGOT – Alaska (Single + video)
    Summer is too hot? Come with me in Alaska!   Genre: indie/rock Single June 2017 Catalog number: AR-044
  • Cover:DANCING SCRAP – I Like It (Single + video)
    “One hair of a woman can draw more than a hundred pair of oxen” James Howell (historian and writer) Genre: indie/punk Single – June 2017 Catalog number: AR-043 Official video: [...]
  • Cover:TURMA – Kraken (Digital Album)
    A tight djent/death core sound that will surround your mind while you’ll listen to ” Kraken”!!   Genre: djent/death core Digital album – 8 tracks Catalog number: AR-042 Check out [...]
  • Cover:TURMA – Kraken (Single)
    Genre: djent/death core Single + video Catalog number: AR-041
  • Cover:EAST END (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    EAST END original motion picture soundtrack. Including “The City With No Ends”, first single from GAME ZERO’s album “Rise”!! The animated movie produced by CANECANE srl will be out in [...]
  • Cover:NEW DISORDER – Deception (CD)
    New Disorder are back with a renewed sound, with a touch of electronics, powerful guitars and epic melodies. Just have a listen, and then one more and then again… it [...]
  • Cover:GAME ZERO – Don’t Follow Me (Single + video)
    GAME ZERO unveil their official music video for the song ‘Don’t Follow Me’ from their just released album ’RISE’. The song contains the essence of the band, granitic riffs with [...]
  • Cover:PAVIC – The Sun Has Fallen (Single + video)
    A song about discomfort and the difficulties encountered when one tries so hard to hold something that should be let go. Genre:  alternative metal Single + video Catalog number:  AR-037 [...]
  • Cover:NEW DISORDER – Deception (Single + video)
    You fight for your ideals, you fight for your dreams. But what if all that was just an illusion? Move down the mask and look into your enemy’s eyes. The [...]
  • Cover:SVIET MARGOT – Gold Sparkles (Single + video)
    Love is in harmony when we live in a continuous dynamic balance! The union of opposites can give life to the most beautiful and unbelievable things. Genre: indie/rock Single + [...]
  • Cover:SVIET MARGOT – Scintille Sulle Labbra (Single + video)
    Love is in harmony when we live in a continuous dynamic balance! The union of opposites can give life to the most beautiful and unbelievable things. Genre: indie/rock Single + [...]
  • Cover:MENION – Behind A Shadow (EP/CD)
    A fusion between electric guitars, synthesizers and electronic rhythms.  An electro-post-rock album, where psychedelic and dark atmospheres are plot and synthesis of the whole EP.   Genre: electronic/post rock CD-EP  [...]
  • Cover:SVIET MARGOT – Glance To Infinity (CD)
    “Glance To Infinity” is a cool journey from catchy-mood songs to elegant and intimate atmospheres. Genre: indie/ rock CD 13 tracks  may 2016 Catalog number AR-031 € 12,00   Sviet [...]
  • Cover:SVIET MARGOT – Simply Sunny Blue (Single + video)
    Life is composed of lights and shadows. When you live in the shadows for so long, struggling under the weight of life’s problems … sometimes you find yourself smiling back, [...]
  • Cover:MENION – The Red Book (Single + video)
    Separation from the past…the last look backwards…the start of a brand new journey. A song with a deep atmosphere, the perfect crossroad between electronic, post-rock and trip-hop. Genre: electronic/post rock [...]
  • Cover:ELEMENT OF CHAOS – A New Dawn (CD)
    Post Atomic sextet Element Of Chaos is ready to blow your mind with a blend between avant-gardism and prog metal. A ten thousand suns blasting through your ears, a new [...]
  • Cover:DANCING CRAP – Sam (Single + video)
    She could be your guardian angel… ready to unleash your inner demons. Is that the way you like it? Genre: indie/punk Single april 2016 Catalog number. AR-029
  • Cover:

    RELEASE DELETED There’s no free will, just an illusion. No choice to make” Take the very first step into a magic world where real life blends with dreams . Get [...]
  • Cover:ELEMENT OF CHAOS – Idiots Lose Control (Single + video)
    Take a tour in our virtual reality, and have a listen to what our new album will sound like…feel the hype yet? Genre: post-atomic/progcore Single april 2016 Catalog number. AR-027
  • Cover:GAME ZERO –  The City With No Ends (Single + video)
    A fresh and immediate song that shows a marked Hard Rock tendency, “covered” with a thick layer of metal sound. The single is well on the soundtrack of the animated [...]
  • Cover:A SILENT NOISE – Zeit Maschine (Vinyl 7”)
    A Silent Noise creates visionary soundscapes, a dreaming way ahead to the future. Genre: new wave-psychedelic Vinyl 7” april 2016 Catalog number: AR-024 A SILENT NOISE website A SILENT NOISE [...]
  • Cover:A SILENT NOISE – Zeit Maschine (Single + video)
    A cosmic trip between electronic, lysergic and dreamlike atmospheres! Genre: new wave-psychedelic Single + video march 2016 Catalog number: AR-023 New Video:
  • Cover:THE FALLS – Mind The Gap (CD)
    Get ready for a new, fresh indie act from somewhere in UK. Get ready for a journey across the past and the future of the best tradition of British music. [...]
  • Cover:THE FALLS – Superman (Single + video)
    A modern-age superhero brings happiness in people’s life. No one knows him, he’s loved, respected and admired. But does anybody care about his happiness? Genre: indie-rock Single december 2015 Catalog [...]
  • Cover:GAME ZERO – Rise (CD)
    A mix of Hard Rock sound, sharp riffs and catchy melodies, with introspective and intimate lyrics. A powerful and modern sound and the obsessive attention to every little detail for [...]
  • Cover:DANCING CRAP – Cut It Out (CD)
    Sick about meanness, egoism, brown nosing greediness? Raise your glass of sexy sonic alternative iron punk stuff… and CUT IT OUT! Genre: indie/punk CD 10 tracks  november 2015 Catalog number: [...]
  • Cover:NEW DISORDER – A Senseless Tragedy [Bloodstreams] (Single + video)
    When dreams and nightmares collide, things have no sense anymore, and love can be close to hate and joy turns into pain. This is the movie of a life you [...]
  • Cover:ELEMENT OF CHAOS – The Second Dawn Of Hiroshima (Single + video)
    Post-atomic band Element Of Chaos is back with their new radioactive single! Genre: post-atomic/progcore Single august 2015 Catalog number: AR-016
  • Cover:DANCING CRAP – The Sick Ones (Single + video)
    I know a place, open from dusk ’till dawn, somewhere in Mexico. The only thing you cannot find there is… salvation! Who could ever dare to come in? I tell [...]
  • Cover:SIN OF NIGHT – Take The Snake (CD)
    It’s the new rock ‘n roll way of life It’s gonna show you the naked night Crunching bass, flaming guitars, strong beat of drums: be the mustang goin’faster running into [...]
  • Cover:SIN OF NIGHT – Suicide (Single)
    You live your life for drugs, you think you’ve got no chance. We’ll put that nail in your vein and we’ll be screaming on your fucking suicide. Genre: hard rock/alternative [...]
  • Cover:NEW DISORDER – Straight To The Pain (CD)
    A melodic alternative-metal 12 tracks album with a unique sound made by fast drumming, relentless guitar riffs and a powerful and emotional singing. Genre: alternative metal/metalcore CD 12 tracks january [...]
  • Cover:AETHER DROP – Attitude (Single + video)
    Brick by brick you are building your own prison. With the brute force of their labirynthic grooves Aether Drop will teach you how to change your attitude. Genre: post-grunge/numetal Single [...]
  • Cover:NEW DISORDER – Never Too Late To Die (Single + video)
    “You’ve spent all your life fighting for your rights, but what about your life now?” A journey across the dark side of your own conscience and your secret crimes will [...]
  • Cover:AETHER DROP – Mannequins (CD)
    Let us wake you up from your plastic slumber. Aether Drop will drive you with their powerful post-grunge sound in a journey through human and inhuman emotions. Rise now and [...]
  • Cover:DOGMATE – Hate (CD)

    DOGMATE – Hate (CD)


    Sold Out!

    A granitic, direct and essential sound influenced by thrash metal, stoner, grunge, with a lot of groove. Genre: stoner/post-grunge metal CD 10 tracks september 2013 Catalog number: AR-008
  • Cover:USHAS – Verso Est (CD)
    A powerful and timeless hard rock that express love for travel, art, Indo-Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and beat American literature. Genre: hard rock CD 10 tracks september 2013 Catalog number: AR-007 [...]
  • Cover:DOGMATE – Inflated Psychotic (Single + video)
    What happens when a jerk puts his body before mind? A song that tries to give a sense to the common self-centeredness of the human being.   Genre: stoner/post-grunge metal [...]
  • Cover:USHAS – Shri Heruka (Single)
    Buddha emanation, divine dancer, ecstatic nature of all that is … And this dance is just a game.   Genre: hard rock Single  september 2013 Catalog number: AR-005 Free download [...]
  • Cover:USHAS – Io Non Sono Qui (Single)
    A powerful rock/metal!   Genre:  hard rock Single   july 2013 Catalog number: AR-004 Free download on soundcloud
  • Cover:HOT DOG – Arachnophobia (Single + video)
    A journey into our fears… A reflection about oneself… A rebellion against what surrounds us. Genre: punk rock Single march 2013 Catalog number: AR-003 Free download on soundcloud
  • Cover:HOT DOG – Enemies (CD)
    Cutting guitar riffs, harmonized melodic choirs with a touch of punk fury   Genre:  punk rock CD 12 tracks   march 2013 Catalog number: AR-001
  • Cover:HOT DOG – Eaten By Shark (Single)
    An American sound, a very hot track! Genre: punk rock Single january 2013 Catalog number: AR-002 Free download on soundcloud