HOPELESS – Non Serviam (Single + Lyric Video)

Cover:HOPELESS – Non Serviam (Single + Lyric Video)

Every form of control is a lie. And a crime.
Culture, fear, peer pressure, religion, morality are just ways to limit and control human nature, leading to frustration and decadence of the spirit: we should be free from all such things, and free to follow our innermost nature towards whatever fate it may lead us, both good and harmful.
In any case, we’ll have walked our own path and not one already chosen by others.
With an evocative blend of Gojira, Behemoth and Rotting Christ mixed with own personal touch, HOPELESS unelashes Non Serviam, first new single after years of silence.
Both massive and atmospheric, it strikes deep with stern riffs, wide chorus and intricate breakdowns to deliver its message of freedom and self awareness.

Genre: death metal

Catalog number: AR-081

Out on 1st July 2023