Out “Gargani Gemini”, new single and video by GIGANTOMACHIA

“In ancient times gods often, in form of beasts, joined carnally with beautiful women, then giving birth to a monstrous offspring.

Less known as a legend, but certainly the most unpleasant, was that of the Gemini of the Gargano. Decimvs and Tiberivs were called. Sons of a meritress and a jackal, they became for years the scourge of the eastern coasts of the Roman Empire. They were called real beasts spitting out of hell. And today, we will tell their story.”

So the melodic death metal band Gigantomachia describes their new single ‘Gargani Gemini’, out on 22 May via Agoge Records on all digital platforms.

The song, accompanied by a video, was mixed by Samuel Mingarelli and Gianmarco Bellumori and mastered by Ted Jensen (USA, Lamb Of God, Gojira, Disturbed and more).

Gigantomachia is a melodic death metal band from Italy focused on Greek mythology. Chorality and epicity are their trademark. FFO Dark Tranquility, Ex Deo, Septic Flesh, Soilwork and Fleshgod Apocalypse

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/oa6BAkaBKRk

Gigantomachia: https://www.facebook.com/Gigantomachia.Official

Agoge Records: http://www.agogerecords.com

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