Out “NON SERVIAM”, new single by HOPELESS

With an evocative blend of Gojira, Behemoth and Rotting Christ mixed with own personal touch,

Hopeless unelashes via Agoge Records NON SERVIAM, first new single after years of silence.

Both massive and atmospheric, it strikes deep with stern riffs, wide chorus and intricate breakdowns to deliver its message of freedom and self awareness.

“Non Serviam”, mastered by Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound-USA) is available in every digital platform.

Hopeless is a headstrong combination of old-school attitude and modern influences heading towards

a melodic yet stout, yet symphonic breaths and uneven rhythms bringing forth the ideological

earthquakes treasured by the philosophical and intimate lyrics.

Conceived in Piedmont, Italy, back in 2007 and yet brought to life only in 2012, Hopeless has a

long preparation age with the line-up straight consolidating into a power trio (Lorenzo Stelitano –

bass and vocals, Andrea Tosello – guitar, Domenico Fazzari – drums) dedicated to solid Death

Metal music, melodic and streaked never exceeding neither in brutality nor “cheerful” melodies.

In early 2015, since the very first gig, Hopeless get delighted feedbacks, and no surprise that “Our

Declaration of War”, self-produced EP released in the second half of the same years is praised in

reviews and goes sold out in a few months and even the second print copies, in a renewed graphic

asset, is likewise fast at disappearing. In September 2015 starts as well the first compositions (slow,

fanatical and methodical) for what will become the debut album, yet to be finished.

During the following years, the band manages to consolidate a fan base especially in North Italy

through many and intense live concerts and get the opportunity to share the stage with international

bands such as Vulcano (Brasil), E-Force (Canada), Ade, Hellixir (France), Methedras, Voltumna,

Girlschool (UK), Gotland, Atavicus and more.

Ending 2017, Domenico leaves the band and Elia Dutto takes his place. In the following two years,

Hopeless plays abroad for the first time and re-record and release the single “Dawn of the Black

Sun” (still from “Our Declaration of War”) with massive orchestral arrangements, just before Elia

as well leaves the drum throne at the beginning of the well known pandemic situation.

During long and solitary lock-down months the momentary duo Lorenzo/Andrea bring to an end the

composition of the album and by the end of 2021 the line-up is complete and magnified: both a new

drummer (Fabio Vellano) and a second guitarist (Stefano Valpreda, from Amthrya) join the ranks,

and the now four-pieces formation delivers some solid live scores in the following year.

In July 2023, Hopeless release via Agoge Records their first completely new single

after years, before accomplishing the (way too) long waited debut full-lenght.


Lyric video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EevMPjTU7sg

HOPELESS: https://www.facebook.com/hopelessdeathmetal

AGOGE RECORDS: http://www.agogerecords.com

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