Excellent review by AC Rock Reviews (UK) for “This Is Sexy Sonic Alternative Iron Punk”, Dancing SCRAP‘s brand new album!
Review rating: 8/10

“In the early stages, the only thing more interesting than the album title is the opening song, ‘Acid’. Bringing a shower of spirited Punk energy, Dancing Scrap engage you from the immediate introduction of the album. Subtle similarities to Wonk Unit merge into shades of Royal Republic as ‘Big F@Ckin’ Deal’ takes the reigns. The exceptional Punk tainted vocals and electric-edged tempo continue the theme of originality started by ‘Acid’. This genuinely enjoyable opening fills the listener with positivity as you face the remainder if the record head-on.
Going against the character of the initial songs, and Punk song structure in general, ‘I Like It’ stretches on for almost four-minutes. In response to this, Punk elements subside briefly in favour of a charismatic, infectious Alt-Rock beat. Modernised elements in both ‘I Like It’ and ‘Renegades’ aid Dancing Scrap by further expanding on their personal authenticity as a band. On top of this, the contained, consistent pace of ‘Renegades’ allows you to focus more on individual components such as the engaging vocals and enigmatic lead guitar.
Once again, an entirely different approach is adopted by Dancing Scrap in ‘SWC’. Boasting an opening vocal style that partially resembles Marilyn Manson, in a song that surges forward through piano led verses and Hard Rock build-ups, ‘SWC’ can easily be recorded as a truly surreal, distinct song. With a plethora of styles already collected by ‘This is Sexy Sonic Alternative Iron Punk’, the impressive range is broadened furthermore by ‘Ready for the Show’, and its retro tainted Rock environment. In turn, this combines with Dancing Scrap’s own electronic influences.
Futuristic Punk is an accurate way to summarise the unique, unexpected and honestly excellent finish to ‘The Rocker You’re Not’. One of the best features of this record is how undeniably fresh and different it is. It’s always interesting, but not necessarily memorable, to hear something new; thankfully Dancing Scrap have (so far) consistently provided evidence that they are certainly an entertaining, fun and talented group. ‘My Goddess’ is utilised to support this idea, as well as its intertwined, hybrid Fuzz Rock and Punk vibe. As a song that sounds like a cross between Black Rainbows, Sex Pistols and Hard Rock, ‘My Goddess’ really personifies the originality of the release.
Heavier key changes and tempos lead ‘Yet to Come’ with clear-cut, transparent conviction. Momentum and adrenaline being prioritised late into the track list is an appropriate tactic from Dancing Scrap, as it enhances the chance of delivering an energetic finale. ‘Watered Down Drink’ and the excellently titled ‘Bitch… and you Know It’ bring this possibility into the realms of reality as they perform wonderfully to give the record the finale it deserves. Overall, Dancing Scrap have put a broad statement forward in the form of ‘This is Sexy Sonic Alternative Iron Punk’, which demands to be taken note of. But, the crucial winning factor of this record is that it’s just fun to listen to, which in the end counts for a lot in the music industry.”

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