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“My Second Birth/My Only Death”

this is the sophomore release for gothic industrial band THIS VOID INSIDE. The band started in 2003 by front man David Shadow. The band comes to us from Roma Italy. TVI is comprised of

– Dave Shadow (vocals,synths & programming)
– Saji Connor (bass and backing vocals)
– Frank Marrelli (lead guitars)
– Alberto Sempreboni (rhythm guitars)
– Simone “Some” Gerbasi (drums)

If your general taste in metal is hard core and in your face then this may or may not be the album for you. The vocals performed by Dave Shadow are clean, clear and the music is on the very edge of metal but more melodic. Although the use of synth is predominant though out the album, it flows flawlessly and almost hypnotically. Frank Marrelli on lead guitar has no problem breaking out with leads as shown in the song “Trapped in a Daze”, but never over powers the over all arrangement of each track. The band carefully weaves it’s vocals and instruments cohesively drawing in the listener. I always listen to the band I am reviewing so I can be in the moment. I listened to the album, and then I listened to it again. You can tell a great deal of time was spent on each individual track to create something special. THIS VOID INSIDE is obviously multi talented and it’s shown over and over in each song. This is a carefully constructed and beautifully arranged metal album. Even if you aren’t necessarily a major fan of Gothic Metal, I suggest you give this album a listen. I see a great deal of potential in this talented band and look forward as they continue to release more albums.

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