Out now via Agoge Records ‘Typhon’, new single from the Italian melodic death metal band Gigantomachia.
So the band describes the track:
“Typhon is primordial force, it’s pure energy, it’s the chaos that existed before all else. A force so devastating that even the gods themselves bowed before its might. Man has for centuries played at being god, devastating the very earth he walks upon. Pandemics, fires, floods, earthquakes, eruptions, every cataclysm is a reaction to man-made disaster. But the earth is rebelling: just as the gods knelt before the Titans, man too will finally kneel before Typhon.”
“Typhon”, available on every digital platforms, has been mixed at Wolf Recording Studio by Gianmarco Bellumori e Samuel Mingarelli, and mastered by Ted Jensen (Gojira, Lamb Of God) at Sterling Sund Studios (USA); the track is out along with a visual video.
Gigantomachia is a melodic death project whose concept is based on Greek and Roman myths, also revisited in a modern key. The band has worked with various studios, including the producers of bands such as EX DEO, GOJIRA and LAMB OF GOD, and has toured at festivals such as Sinistro fest, Divine Metal Fest, took part in selections at Zaiet Fest and Wacken Open Air, and also played with bands such as Wind Rose, Domine, Genus Ordinis Dei, Necrodeath and Black Therapy.

YOUTUBE LINK: https://youtu.be/iZ0xgZVsPgU
GIGANTOMACHIA: https://www.facebook.com/Gigantomachia.Official
AGOGE RECORDS: http://www.agogerecords.com

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