Codename: Delirious’ debut album “The Great Heartless” very well reviewed by RAGE review (USA)!
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CODENAME: DELIRIOUS: Debut album review

“The Great Heartless”

It’s obvious that distance, culture and demographic makes no difference in the world of metal. Metal unifies music lovers the world over and this new album by CODENAME: Delirious does just that.

Founded in Milan this 5 man band made up of Luca – Consolle
Marco – Bass/Backing Vocals
Dario – Guitar
Omar – Voice
Chris – Drums
Have the metal formula down. The music style is simple but effective. Omar shows his vocal range with each track on the album. I think it would be unfair to place this in just the dub metal genre. There is something for everyone on this album. It’s easy to hear the influences of Linkin Park and other bands, but again there is a broad spectrum of metal in this album. This band isn’t just mimicking their favorite bands, they are changing things up in metal. Everyone has an opinion, and mine is don’t pass this band or album up!


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