3rd September 2022: Out “NO ONE FALLS LIKE A GOD”, new single and video by UDAL CUAIN

“In an universe where nothing is eternal, even a god may fall from grace.

It will be the most dreadful and magnificent show to those that will witness the falling, as in their sight, the unrepeatable gratness will be revealed one last time in the clamour of his fall.”

So the prog/power/heavy metal band UDAL CUAIN describes their new single and lyric video “No One Falls Like A God.”

The song is available in every digital platform and will be included in the forthcoming homonymous album

“No One Falls Like A God” has been mixed at Wolf Recording Studio  and mastered at Soundlust Music Studio.

Udal Cuain, which in Scottish Gaelic means “to be tossed around by the ocean”, is a band that plays mostly metal but takes inspiration from many other genres such as classical and electronic music.

Udal Cuain begin to compose their first songs in 2018, with the main reference of seminal bands such as Crimson Glory and Savatage and the best metal of 80s and 90s, but with the heart corrupted by the vampire atmosphere of the early Cradle of Filth albums.

The band, based in Florence, is composed by vocalist/keyboardist/pianist Alessio Parretti (ex Dark Age/Jaws of Fate), bassist/guitarist Matteo Meucci (Coram Lethe), and guitarist Luciano Romano (Ex Dark Age/Jaws of Fate).

YOUTUBE LINK: https://youtu.be/8pnVrPrKxyM

 UDAL CUAIN: https://www.facebook.com/udalcuainband/

 AGOGE RECORDS: http://www.agogerecords.com

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